To Pave a Gilded Path for Future!!!

  Learning is a never-ending process. The key skill inculcated for being a part of school business is to learn the techniques of impressing the customers.  The school business educates the students to learn from their experiences of the practical business approach and nurtures creativity and marketing skills in them.

    The school business provides a platform to the students to enhance their confidence and self dependence. To compete with fast-progressing world, the school business prepares the students for the future by embellishing them with productivity and efficiency.

The students tend to achieve professionalism in due course of their learning process. The students also learn the importance of team work and collective effort for being a part of this school business.

 Each new idea germinates to give rise to a colossal business empire in the future for which being a part of a school business is the stepping stone. Entrepreneurship, which is a key for success in business, is well inculcated in the budding business professionals.

    Being a part of the School Enterprise Challenge and trying to build our own business helped us in acknowledging about how the whole world is vastly tied up to business, thus exposing us to the entrepreneurial dimensions, which we had no idea. The enterprise also helped us in instilling career readiness, which is one of the most important traits required for a student.  
 It helped us develop our entrepreneurial adroitness and further our business finesse by introducing us to entrepreneur related aspects like financial affairs, marketing and management techniques, analytical thinking and other operations associated with sustainable business development other than these, taught us about innovative entrepreneurial technicalities. 

It helped us nurture our time management skills, coordination among ourselves, determination,  inter-personal inter-disciplinary learning skills, communication skills, confidence and cross-intellectual awareness. We learned about how a bond can be established between the customers and ourselves.

As the enterprise had already created business and social awareness and instilled various characteristics required for an entrepreneur or any other professional to flourish in us, we would be able to carry out different tasks and tackle demanding situations easily.It created a spirit of team-work among us.

              We would also attain success if we take up any sort of entrepreneurship. Thus, the School Enterprise Challenge made us future ready citizen.


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